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Logo Designs

Have a custom logo designed to fully represent your business. Show your clients what your business brand is through your logo.

Explainer Videos

These videos help to convey your business message to your clients. You could have a video that explains your products or services in an entertaining way, increasing the chances of a sale.


It is extremely important to perform routine maintenance on your websites. This will make sure that your site is up to date and makes it more difficult for your site to be hacked.

Uptime Monitoring

Having your website go down will severally hurt your overall ROI. By monitoring your site you will be able to pick up why your site is going down and for how long.

Website Backups

Backing up your website is a must. It will save you if your website ever gets corrupt or hacked. If you backup your website you will not have to worry about loosing any of your information.


A custom domain will add a personalised touch to your website. It is essential to provide a domain name for a business site in order for someone to find you.